Battle Tank Arena


Real tanks that you drive and shoot in our arena

You and 19 other drivers compete and shoot for top score and to disable other tanks in a 20 minute battle.

2 acre arena with mazes and obstacles to challenge you

You will feel like you are on a battle field in our 2 acre indoor/outdoor facility where you will face mazes, obstacles and not to mention, other tanks bent on your destruction.

Other tanks are not your only peril, there are gun firing pill boxes that can also cause you damage if hit. 

Our tanks are state of the art!

Our tanks are 5' wide and 10' long but only 54" high with a full array of tech inside.  Inside you will find your forward view displayed on a 30" digital display supplied from a camera mounted on top of the main gun. rear view is displayed on an 4x8" screen by a rear cam. You have communications with the other 19 tanks to either work together on a single target or just listen to their strategy.

Ammo is limited!

Each tank comes with 400 rounds of RFID encoded rubber balls that are encoded to your tank so if you score a hit on an opposing tanks sensors, you get the score.


Every 3 hits your tank sensors take or on any other tank takes reduces that tanks speed and firing capabilities by one percent. Once a tank receives 300 hits on its sensors the tank is dead and shuts down. The driver's forward view is then replaced with the 360 degree overhead arena cam where they will watch and wait out the rest of the battle until returning to the staging area.

Futuristic arcade

Your scores and place are displayed.


Anyone can see your place in the current battle  and your score.

Your ultimate arcade.


Come enjoy our arcade with some of the most newest games on the market. You can still find the classics but we are packed with the future.

Test your skill and win prizes


Some of our crane games have a free Arena gamecard that you can win 

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